Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nobody becomes a god.

Breaking the long silence, Everybody spoke.
"I wonder what would happen if someone took existentialism to its logical conclusion."
"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" Nobody responded.
"Existentialism says everything is connected, right?"
"Actually, n-"
"So connection brings in an aspect of control. If everything was connected, there has to be at least one thing pulling the strings, or else everything would fall into chaos."
"So you're saying Existentialism proves god? That makes no sense, because after all, connection does *not* imply control; think about it. Socialists gave each worker a vote, an equal amount of power. No socialist is more powerful than his peer, so there is no true control, besides a sort of group."
"But socialism failed! One domineering personality ended up overwhelming all of the other weaker individuals, imposing his or her will on everyone; gaining total control, and becoming a god of sorts."
"That's absurd!"
"Life is absurd. And besides, i'm not saying there is a god, but there will be a god; one who has power over everything. It's the logcal outcome, and I plan to be that outcome."
Nobody took a deep breath.
"Your logic is flawed; It would defeat your philosophy's principle; 'if one has control over everything, no one has the freedom of choice.' Besides, you can't reasonably put The Gaze on everything. And if we're all connected, then we are one being, so why would it matter?"
Everybody was silent, and Nobody kept speaking.
"So you see, you're logic is flawed."
Everybody spoke, and Nobody was silent.
"Logic is the enemy of Existence; Reason imposes fictional barriers, ones that can be transcended when you see the truth. And the choice is still there for all things in the universe, but the path becomes clearer, because one aspect dominates over others; the aspect of Everybody."
"But that's Bad Faith; you're trying to impose your will on others, and make them belive they are something they're not."
Everybody laughed at Nobody.
"Will it matter when it happens?"
"YES! It will matter!"
Everybody was shocked into silence by Nobody's outburst. Nobody always seems so passive, but Everybody touched a nerve. Nobody looked at everybody;
"You presume it will happen; explain to me, how will Everybody become the great and glorious deity?"
"Simple. By finding out how we are connected, one can control the connection, and take over. the only problem is I don't see how we're connected."
Nobody smiled at the idea.
"Power through interconnectivity? And you can't figure it out?"
Everybody frowned, and went white.
The universe went still for a moment, and resumed its motion. Everything was clear now.
Everybody and the Universe spoke;
"Everybody looked and Nobody figured it out. Pain connects us all."
Nobody looked at his new kingdom.

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