Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Goin' Down

David, after having a few drinks to boost his courage, decided it was finally time to kill himself. She said no to him, so he'd say no to the world. He walked over to the river slowly,not thinking much. He walked over to the guard rails and with a loud gloosh jumped in. He dunked under the water, and let it carry him for half a minute, until he realized he didn't write a suicide note. Shit.
David pushed off of the river bottom, and got a breath of air. He couldn't swim, so he couldn't reach the shore, and the water was too deep and fast to walk to the shore. Damnit, David did not want to die without an explanation. He flailed about in the water, trying to teach himself how to swim in his final moments.
It was a bad idea wearing shoes this is idiotic why did I want to kill myself HELP. David panicked, and thrashed his arms and legs hoping that would give him some purchase on the surface; he started sinking again. I'm dying because I took it too hard. She probably already had a date why didn't my papa teach me how to swim this water is too dirty to drink, and yet everyone in the city gulps it down HELP.
David gave up; he accepted his fate, closed his eyes, and spread out his arms and legs, inviting death.

The sun came up; light filtered in through the trees, and onto the river. David was floating on the surface, still spread out. His smile looked cold and fixed, but he was breathing. He opened his eyes, and looked to his left; he could reach the shore if he splashed a bit, but he kept floating. I never really liked that town. I wonder if I can reach New Orleans like this; I hear it's nice there. David smiled warmly, and spit some water in the air.

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