Friday, July 6, 2007

The Hero and The Traitor- Part 3

A simple stage; the only background should be Kilgavarn and a hill. It’s nighttime. KILPATRICK enters, with a sad expression on his face; he turns his back on the crowd and looks at Kilgavarn. NOLAN enters with a letter in his hand.

NOLAN- Good evening, Fergus.

KILPATRICK- Hello, James. Are you here with tidings of the evening’s events?

NOLAN- Yes I am. I was sent to find you. What brings you all the way out to this quiet spot, so far from the beaten path?

KILPATRICK- I was told the English tore down Kilgavarn. I decided to find out the truth of the rumors, and lo, they were unfounded… (A moment’s silence.) I was born here, you know. I always thought it would be poetic if I died here. Tell me, what’s the date?

NOLAN- It’s March 15.

KILPATRICK- The 15th of March; the day an empire was remade. You really are a master of your work.

NOLAN- Don’t look too deeply into the allusions; The best parts of this play are yet to unfold.

KILPATRICK- Play? Of course, everything’s an act to you. All the world’s a stage, eh?

NOLAN- You could say that now more than ever. How can you be so calm? The world will be falling apart around us in less than a few hours, and you will pay more than any of us. Why aren’t you running?

KILPATRICK- Why should I run? I’m doomed no matter what I do. If I run, I’ll be labeled a coward and traitor to the cause; If I stay, I’ll..(KILPATRICK trails off.)

NOLAN- It will do no good to think about it. Now let’s go; you have a play to attend.

KILPATRICK- Right, the play.

NOLAN- This is for you, by the way. (He hands Kilpatrick the letter.) Now, I must be off. I have many things to attend to.(Nolan exits.)

KILPATRICK looks at the letter, makes to open it, stops himself, and exits.

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