Monday, July 9, 2007

The Hero And The Traitor part 6- Act 2 Scene 3

Scene 3
Ireland. A room with bookcases covering the walls and a large table in the center. The room is filled with The Conspirators. Kilpatrick is at the head of the table, with Nolan opposite him. The table is covered in maps and pieces of paper covered in writing.

Kilpatrick- This meeting shall begin with an update on everyone’s current projects. Mr. Ferguson, if you would begin?

Conspirator 1- I have spoken with some of the wealthier families. They are willing to fund our cause, if we can keep them from being harmed during the revolution.

Kilpatrick- Excellent. Mister Hurley, if you could give us an update on English activities.

Conspirator 2- My ties with the military force have told me that English troops are going to be garrisoned in Dublin next month. If we want an even fight, we will have to strike soon.

Kilpatrick- Duly noted. On the same subject, what is the mood of the people right now, Mr. Moriarty?

Conspirator 3- The Irish people are ready to fight. We just need something to galvanize them into action.

Kilpatrick- Understood. Mr. Nolan, I want you to work on that. Also, have you found anything new about traitors that might be in our midst.

There is a pause, and Nolan shuffles in his seat.

Nolan- (With an edge to his voice) Aye, I believe I have found out who the traitor is.

Kilpatrick- Well, there’s no use hiding it; who is he?

Nolan- Why, don’t you know, Fergus? It’s none other than you.

Everyone at the table gasps, Nolan stands up.

Don’t bother denying it, I have eyewitness proof from many people, and you had the misfortune of selling our secrets to one of my contacts. What do you have to say for yourself?

All eyes are on Kilpatrick. He gets up and starts pacing.

Kilpatrick- How long have we been trying to free ourselves from England? Hundreds of years at least. For the past 3 years I have been trying to come up with a plan to save our people from England, and finally be free of their grasp. For 3 years I have been thinking, and I have found no way to be truly free; but, I have found a way to make Ireland more independent. Yes, I have been selling the Police our secrets, but you have to ask what I was selling them for. I have been trying to buy liberties. I have been trying to make life easier for the Irish people by giving away plans. Go ahead and kill me if you want. My plan failed; all I’ve tried to get for my people was for naught, but I beg of you, don’t expose me. Our people need a fallen hero much more than they need a turncoat. Think of the Irish people, James.

Kilpatrick sits down. There is a long pause while Nolan thinks.

Nolan- You’re right. We can’t expose you, because it will hurt our cause too much. We can’t even expel you from our order, either. We must do something, though…

Another silence.

Kilpatrick- I can be assassinated.

Nolan- What?

Kilpatrick- you can hire someone to kill me. It helps the cause, and I’m redeemed.

Nolan- So we make you a martyr to hide your crimes.(Short pause.) It could work, but we would have to be very careful about how the plan is enacted. The scale would have to be grand for such a deception to work. We would need many people in on the plan, and it would have to be executed flawlessly. Can we all hold to this plan unwaveringly?

The Conspirators all agree.

Then I will work out the details. Fergus, from this point forward you will be under constant surveillance; if you decide to flee, we will let everything be known to the Irish people. You will be known as a coward and traitor to those who would have considered you a champion. DO you understand?

Kilpatrick- I understand.
End act 2.

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