Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Hero And The Traitor part 7- Act 3 Scene 1

Act 3
Scene 1

BORGES walks on stage. The stage is set with a guard rail on stage left, which is made to look like it overlooks a river. There is a mailbox in Center Stage. KILPATRICK is in the box. BORGES walks to the mailbox, pulls out a pen and paper and begins to write something, dictating what he’s writing. It then becomes apparent that he’s not BORGES, but JAVERT, from Les Miserables.

"In the first place: I beg Monsieur le Prefet to cast his eyes on this.
"Secondly: prisoners, on arriving after examination, take off their shoes and stand barefoot on the flagstones while they are being searched. Many of them cough on their return to prison. This entails hospital expenses.
"Thirdly: the mode of keeping track of a man with relays of police agents from distance to distance, is good, but, on important occasions, it is requisite that at least two agents should never lose sight of each other, so that, in case one agent should, for any cause, grow weak in his service, the other may supervise him and take his place.

NOLAN enters the box. He initiates a conversation with KILPATRICK that drowns out JAVERT.

NOLAN- Hello, Fergus.

KILPATRICK- Hello, James. I didn’t expect you to be the one that came for me.

NOLAN- I was the one who suggested this ghastly route; I believe I should be the one who suffers the guilt of it.

KILPATRICK- You’re doing a great thing, James. My name will be remembered as one of a hero, and this may finally cause our people to revolt. Thank you.

The two watch the rest of the scene unfold.

JAVERT-"Eighthly: it is annoying for visitors to La Force to be obliged to traverse the boys' court in order to reach the parlor of Sainte-Marie-l'Egyptienne.
"Ninthly: it is a fact that any day gendarmes can be overheard relating in the court-yard of the prefecture the interrogations put by the magistrates to prisoners. For a gendarme, who should be sworn to secrecy, to repeat what he has heard in the examination room is a grave disorder.
"Tenthly: Mme. Henry is an honest woman; her canteen is very neat; but it is bad to have a woman keep the wicket to the mouse-trap of the secret cells. This is unworthy of the Conciergerie of a great civilization."
"Inspector of the 1st class.
"The Post of the Place du Chatelet.
"June 7th, 1832, about one o'clock in the morning."

JAVERT puts the letter in the postbox, and walks over to the guard rail. He looks at the water. While he’s contemplating his life, NOLAN puts on a mask. JAVERT jumps over the guard rail, and into the water. There is a brief silence, then…
NOLAN- (Loudly) Fergus Kilpatrick, for your crimes against the crown and king, I sentence you to death.


KILPATRICK- Ire..land shall be f-free…

KILPATRICK dies. NOLAN runs off stage.
End scene.

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